Web AtlasGo to atlasGIS geodatabase of pre-settlement riverine and nearshore habitats in Puget Sound

What is this?

The Duwamish River estuary mapped through time. A GIS database that shows land cover and landforms in Puget Soundís river valleys and nearshore in the mid 19th century, just prior to Euro-American settlement.

Who created it?

The Puget Sound River History Project, thanks to a number of financial supporters. The Bullitt Foundation the National Science Foundation, and the Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Program (PRISM) at the University of Washington provided support to make the data available for use online.

How was it created?

Using a combination of 19th century field surveys supplemented with more recent sources, including high-resolution digital elevation data. Click here for more information on methods.

What can it be used for?

It is intended for use in resource management and restoration, scientific research, education, and for anyone curious to learn more about river landscape and landscape change in the Puget Sound region.

How can it be accessed?

It can be used here with ArcGIS map server software, along with historical and modern data. Additionally, most of the historical source data (e.g., maps, photographs, field notes) can be downloaded. If you are new to ArcGIS map server, please refer to the help pages.

Explore the data

A separate page provides detail on mapping methods and explains geodatabase codes. Another page provides narrative and graphic source material for mapped features; in the future, it will also be accessible by hyperlinks for individual feature ID codes.

Future plans

This is the first step in creating an online atlas. The atlas will include additional historical datasets along with analysis products and thematic mapping (e.g., changes in aquatic habitat; how geologic history influences landforms and ecosystems; how human land use interacts with landforms and ecology through time).

Questions or comments

Email us at riverhistory@ess.washington.edu